Summer’s here: Tips for Cellulite

Cellulite Study

Swimsuit season is here and many women are dreading putting on a two piece. If you find yourself struggling to find the perfect cover-up to conceal cellulite, you are not alone. More than 85% of women will develop cellulite at some point in their lives, and no amount of diet or exercise can prevent or reduce it. Even average, lean and fit women frequently have cellulite.

Read on for a few tips that may help to improve the appearance of cellulite.


A variety of high-end spas offer dry-brushing as a body treatment to improve skin’s texture and gently exfoliate. Many skin experts believe that it may have a positive impact on cellulite, as well. The exfoliation is believed to help increase blood circulation, break up toxins and eliminate them through the lymphatic system.

In-office treatments

Many dermatology and plastic surgery practices offer in-office treatments for cellulite. Among the most effective is Smoothshapes, a non-invasive treatment that combines laser and light energy, vacuum suction and mechanical massage. Because cellulite is incurable, a series of treatments are recommended.

Body lotions and creams

Walk into the local drugstore or Sephora and you will find a variety of lotions and potions that claim to make cellulite disappear. While lotions often provide a limited result in improving cellulite’s appearance, there are a few ingredients that may be beneficial. Products that include caffeine and retinols typically receive the best feedback in regards to improving cellulite’s appearance.

Research Studies for Cellulite Reduction are enrolling in your area!

For those looking for a new option in improving cellulite, a research study may be beneficial. Research Institute of the Southeast is currently seeking volunteers for a study. Qualified participants receive complimentary care from a board certified dermatologist as well as compensation for time and travel.

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