Warts Treatments at Beer Dermatology in West Palm Beach, FL and Jupiter , FL

Warts are a type of skin infection, caused when upper layers of the skin are exposed to the human papillomavirus (HPV) by direct or indirect contact. They usually present as raised bumps on the surface of the skin, and can be rough or smooth, many or few – some types may also have black dots on the surface.

  • Common warts mostly occur on the hands and arms, especially where skin is damaged by biting or picking with nails that can carry the virus.
  • Foot warts, or plantar warts, are usually found on the bottoms of the feet in clusters of flat and rough bumps. Walking on plantar warts can be very painful and directs the warts to grow inward, causing more discomfort.
  • Flat warts are the smaller, smoother wart variety that usually appears in large groups of 20 to 100 growths. Many people may have these without realizing that they have warts, since they are lighter in color and do not protrude from the skin.


Some of our wart treatments include:

  • Cryotherapy, during which liquid nitrogen quickly freezes off infected skin tissue.
  • Topical treatments, such as an ointment or cream to be rubbed directly onto the growth.
  • Acid peels to remove the infected skin and smooth the rough growth.
  • Surgical removal of any warts not responding to other forms of treatment.


Contact us at your earliest convenience to remove your current warts and prevent them from spreading. We look forward to speaking with you at (561) 600-4848 (West Palm Beach) or (561) 430-2767 (Jupiter).

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Dr. Kenneth Beer
Dr. Kenneth Beer is a board-certified dermatologist and dermatopathologist focused on general, surgical and aesthetic dermatology. After obtaining his BS in Zoology from Duke University and his Doctor of Medicine from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, he completed a residency and Fellowship at the University of Chicago. Dr. Beer is a fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology, and is a Clinical Professor of Dermatology at University of Miami. Dr. Beer is the Founder of the Cosmetic Bootcamp program which trains doctors and PA’s enhancing their knowledge of cosmetic dermatology. He has decades of experience and specializes in facial rejuvenation.