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Are frown lines giving you a tired and angry appearance? If so, Jeuveau™ may be your new best friend! This FDA-approved neuromodulator has been approved to temporarily improve the appearance of moderate to severe wrinkles between the eyebrows, also called glabellar or frown lines. Beer Dermatology in West Palm Beach, FL is thrilled to be one of the first practices in the United States to offer patients this exciting new cosmetic injectable.


Jeuveau, or #NEWTOX, is the only FDA-approved neuromodulator designed exclusively for aesthetic use, Jeuveau offers an exclusive new way to temporarily reduce the appearance of frown lines. A, Jeuveau is strategically injected into the muscles that contribute to frown lines, where it relaxes the wrinkles and prevents muscular contractions from forming new lines between your eyebrows. Jeuveau is:

  • FDA-approved
  • Safe and effective
  • Lasts several months
  • Manufactured using modern technology



We will perform an in-depth consultation and evaluation to ensure that Jeuveau is right for you. During the procedure, we will cleanse the treatment area and then use a very fine needle to inject a precise dose of Jeuveau into the targeted muscles. Dr. Beer’s skill and expertise enable him to achieve natural-looking results while treating your frown lines. The treatment typically takes 5 minutes.


If you are interested in learning more about Jeuveau and how it might benefit you, call Beer Dermatology to schedule your personalized consultation. Our West Palm Beach, FL office can be reached at (561) 600-4848 and you can call our Jupiter office at (561) 430-2767.

After your treatment, you may experience side effects such as headache, upper respiratory tract infection, increased white blood cell count, or eyelid drooping. For full Product Information, including Boxed Warning and Medication Guide, see here.

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Jeuveau Treatment Video

PrabotulinumtoxinA for the treatment of glabellar lines in adults, 65 years of age and older: The fourth in a series of post hoc analyses of the phase III clinical study data

Jeuveau Treatment Video

Frown. Push down – so what that does is it activates the procerus muscle which is the muscle in the middle of the nose ridge and that is the muscle that pulls everything down. Frown, and now we are hitting her corrugators on both sides, really important to be symmetric and not splash this stuff around. We are going right into the belly of the muscle by placing the protein right there, you won’t have a lot of drooping; you will have a lot of precision. One other thing when we inject in this area – if you notice we are staying really close to the surface. That is where the muscle inserts into the skin and that is really where you want your protein to go. Raise your eyebrows – so today we are using the newest Botulinum type A toxic called Jeuveau. The units are very similar to Botox, little bit different than some of the other products, but it is a great product we are seeing a lot of interest in this, and a lot of patients are trying it in my opinion it is like Coke and Pepsi. Very subjective, Botox itself has been incredibly popular for more than 20 years and remains popular to this day. Right now we are injecting her forehead or frontalis and we are – what I am trying to do is a bunch of small injections so that not any given area has a huge amount, and we spread it out, and that is sort of correlative of her anatomy. Raise your eyebrows – her frontalis muscle goes all the way out to about here, and you can feel where it stops, so we want to keep our Jeuveau in a line that goes across the middle of her forehead but stops here. If we go past here it’s just wasted. She has a pretty low forehead so we are not going to waste product up into her hairline, however putting it across here will help her. So that is an easy, easy injection. It takes about 3 to 7 days to work, and it is an injection that we do three or 4 times a year depending on how much we put in and how much she metabolizes it. So it is a very simple injection, after the injection – we don’t want a lot of pressure, we like a little bit of gentle dabbing, that helps. How uncomfortable was that? Not at all. Ok, thank you!

Jeuveau Treatment Video

Frown for me – so Samantha here has a pretty active procerus muscle which is the muscle that holds her forehead down. Frown push down and now we are going into the corrugator muscles, which is giving her, her elevens we are using tiny, tiny needles here, so the degree of discomfort here should be minimal. Now going after the middle part of her corrugator muscle, and the talmud raise up, so this is a frontalis muscles, the frontalis ends here we are just going to go across with these tiny little injections. Just to soften it, we don’t want to obliterate her wrinkles in her forehead she is going to use some of them to keep her eyelids up and her eyebrows in the right position, but we do want to soften these lines a little bit so they don’t get etched in and deep. Sometimes when that happens we are going to have to use some fillers, and again in the middle third of her forehead we are going to put in a little bit of extra if we don’t do that she will have a flat forehead in the upper and then a lot of wrinkles in the middle.

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